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Irrigation system in Ancient India


All cities of Harappan civilization have:

Well developed water supply

Drainage system


Irrigation canals.

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Example of Developed Drainage in Indus Valley

This photograph is an example of developed drainage in Indus Valley civilization.


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Who first made Irrigation Systems ? Canals, culverts etc.

Indus Valley civilisation is credited with developing the science of Hydrology. They also made proper drainage and irrigation canals based on river flow and rainfall. It was a new science developed.

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Who invented the Lighthouse

Lighthouse was invented by ancient Egyptians to direct their ships. Alexandria was a busy port even then.

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Other Inventions Credited to Indus Valley Civilization

Other Inventions Credited to Indus Valley Civilization:

  • Bow drill
  • Furnace
  • Buttons
  • Ruler


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Pics of Levee

This shows how a levee looks like.


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Harappans built levees

Harappan civilization people built “levees” to control floods. It is obvious that Indus river would flood often.

Levees are raised platforms or earthfills.

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How does a Stepwell look like ?

How does a stepwell look like ? This photo shows that stepwells were built with style and architectural elements.


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Indus Valley Civilisation started the Stepwell

Stepwell is a type of well in which there are stairs to descend and reach the water. In india, even today they are popular and referred to as “bawdi” .

Stepwells were excavated in harappan civilization cities.

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Pics of Indus Valley Civilisation

indusvalley2 indusvalley

These is a beautiful pic and a scenary of indus valley civilization.

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