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cuzco is the capital of a once mighty Inca empire in South America. This place is in Peru near the Andes mountains. Cuzco contains some marvelous ancient sites.

cuzco Cuzco_051

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Tassili n Ajjer in Algeria ( Sahara )

We all generally think that Sahara desert is inhospitable. It is now, but it wasn’t some milleniums back. The site of Tassili n Ajjer contains some beautiful cave paintings done by ancient men and other archaelogical sites that proove that climate here was once moist.


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Teotihuacan – system of pyramids

Pyramids are seen towering at this place in Teotihuacan in Mexico. Teotihuacan is a large site which contains many archaeological finds.



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Library of Alexandria : a lost library

the Library of Alexandria refers to a huge library in the city of Alexandria on the coast of Egypt, which was burned down at some point of time.

This library perhaps contained works of a number of scholars of the ancient times which had been preserved there.


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Taxila University in Pakistan


Taxila is a city in Pakistan. This was the place for an ancient University which is now in ruins. Taxila is now recognized as one of the oldest universities in the world, where people of ancient times used to come for higher studies.

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Academy of Plato

Plato is a renowned Greek scholar who lived in the ancient Greek times. He founded an academy/university of his own near Athens. It was a center of learning for many future scholars including Aristotle.


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Details about Sumerian civilization

The Sumerian civilization was developed with the following activities.

  • A well defined mythology
  • Art and painting
  • Sculpture
  • Construction
  • Trade with other people.
  • Kings,queens etc.
  • Agriculture


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Sumerian Civilization

Sumerian has been regarded as the most ancient of all civilizations. It was between the region of Euphrates and Tigris river, about whom has been written even by the Akkadians.

Sumerian was quite a developed civilization.



Ancient cities of India

India is a special country because it was home to a flourishing civilization called the Indus Valley civilization, or the Harappa civilization . It was on the banks of Indus river.


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Cities and Towns in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt has been regarded as a flourishing civilization because of the vastness of the work and how well it is preserved.

There is much much more to Ancient Egypt than just the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of Kings.

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