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Ancient cities of India

India is a special country because it was home to a flourishing civilization called the Indus Valley civilization, or the Harappa civilization . It was on the banks of Indus river.


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Stone Work in Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an ancient city of the Incas. One thing that is notable about this place is that :

  • The stone work here has been done without any plaster.
  • It is resistant to earthquake.
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Picture of Stone Work in Machu Picchu

2010-05-19 Machu Picchu-117

As you can see, the huge chunks of stone have been placed as if they have been locked. There is no mortar or binder between them. And Machu Picchu has withstood severe earthquakes for millenniums.

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Cities and Towns in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt has been regarded as a flourishing civilization because of the vastness of the work and how well it is preserved.

There is much much more to Ancient Egypt than just the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of Kings.

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We need to uncover mysteries

The ancient construction and equipments have startling engineering precision. It calls for research and interest into the matter of how these people accomplished this marvels.


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Ancient people were great builders

Ancient people were excellent builders. This can be seen in gigantic constructions that have been unearthed by archaeologists and people.

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Secret of Easter Island ?

Now, we see such spectacular Moai statues over there in Easter Island.

  • But, what could be the reason for such a construction.
  • What do the Moai facing the ocean mean.
  • How could they lift and carve statues out of huge blocks of granite.


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Pics Of Easter Island


Such unique structures on the remotest island of the planet are really intriguing.


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Easter Island

The Easter island is the home to several gigantic statues called Moai . These statues have been erected on the lonely Easter Island.

It is still a wonder how these statues could have been made by ancient people with rudimentary tools .

We also don’t know the purpose of these Moai or the statues.

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MAp of the Silk Route / Routes


These are the most commonly agreed upon silk route trade maps. It clearly shows SINAE and Persia ( PERSIS ) .

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