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Who first made Irrigation Systems ? Canals, culverts etc.

Indus Valley civilisation is credited with developing the science of Hydrology. They also made proper drainage and irrigation canals based on river flow and rainfall. It was a new science developed.

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Harappans built levees

Harappan civilization people built “levees” to control floods. It is obvious that Indus river would flood often.

Levees are raised platforms or earthfills.

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VikramShila is another ancient Indian University

Vikram Shila is a place that holds the ruins of a once mighty university in India. It was recognized far and wide as center of learning , science and technology. vikra vikramshila_10765

It is now in modern day Bihar , India.


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Startling facts about Sumerian Civilization

Some startling facts about the Sumerians.

  • they were the first to start astronomy- they were star gazers.
  • They knew of the 5 planets visible to naked eye.
  • They formed constellations and zodiac- some of which have not changed till now.


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Euphrates river and its significance

Euphrates river is part of the fertile land between Euphrates and Tigris river.

Location : Middle East

Civilizations : The Akkadian civilization and the Mesopotamian civilization.

Euphrat euphrates

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Pics Of Easter Island


Such unique structures on the remotest island of the planet are really intriguing.


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Easter Island

The Easter island is the home to several gigantic statues called Moai . These statues have been erected on the lonely Easter Island.

It is still a wonder how these statues could have been made by ancient people with rudimentary tools .

We also don’t know the purpose of these Moai or the statues.

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MAp of the Silk Route / Routes


These are the most commonly agreed upon silk route trade maps. It clearly shows SINAE and Persia ( PERSIS ) .

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Silk was created in Very Ancient China

Silk is a popular cloth weaving fiber. It is famous all over the world. But, it originally came from the very ancient chinese, much ancient than other inventions.

The export of Silk from China to world led to the making of the Silk road.

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