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Pics of Levee

This shows how a levee looks like.


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Harappans built levees

Harappan civilization people built “levees” to control floods. It is obvious that Indus river would flood often.

Levees are raised platforms or earthfills.

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Sumerian Civilization

Sumerian has been regarded as the most ancient of all civilizations. It was between the region of Euphrates and Tigris river, about whom has been written even by the Akkadians.

Sumerian was quite a developed civilization.



Fertile Crescent : What it is ?

The middle east region mostly has land that is uncultivated. This is because of sandy soil. But, a crescent like region in the middle east which includes cairo and the region between Euphrates-Tigris is called fertile crescent.

This is region where agriculture is feasible.


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Tigris River in Middle East

300px-Tigris_River_At_Diyarbakir tigris2

These are pics of the Tigris river – part of the Tigris Euphrates river system that provided fertile soil and water to the people of ancient world and even today.

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Euphrates river and its significance

Euphrates river is part of the fertile land between Euphrates and Tigris river.

Location : Middle East

Civilizations : The Akkadian civilization and the Mesopotamian civilization.

Euphrat euphrates

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The Indus River

indus_river_2 indus river

This is the Indus River today that housed the Indus Valley civilization. It starts in Himalayas, descends the mountains and travels across plains of Pakistan to meet Arabian sea.

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