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Example of Developed Drainage in Indus Valley

This photograph is an example of developed drainage in Indus Valley civilization.


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Who first made Irrigation Systems ? Canals, culverts etc.

Indus Valley civilisation is credited with developing the science of Hydrology. They also made proper drainage and irrigation canals based on river flow and rainfall. It was a new science developed.

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Tassili n Ajjer in Algeria ( Sahara )

We all generally think that Sahara desert is inhospitable. It is now, but it wasn’t some milleniums back. The site of Tassili n Ajjer contains some beautiful cave paintings done by ancient men and other archaelogical sites that proove that climate here was once moist.


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VikramShila is another ancient Indian University

Vikram Shila is a place that holds the ruins of a once mighty university in India. It was recognized far and wide as center of learning , science and technology. vikra vikramshila_10765

It is now in modern day Bihar , India.


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Library of Alexandria : a lost library

the Library of Alexandria refers to a huge library in the city of Alexandria on the coast of Egypt, which was burned down at some point of time.

This library perhaps contained works of a number of scholars of the ancient times which had been preserved there.


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Taxila University in Pakistan


Taxila is a city in Pakistan. This was the place for an ancient University which is now in ruins. Taxila is now recognized as one of the oldest universities in the world, where people of ancient times used to come for higher studies.

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Academy of Plato

Plato is a renowned Greek scholar who lived in the ancient Greek times. He founded an academy/university of his own near Athens. It was a center of learning for many future scholars including Aristotle.


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Nalanda : an ancient university


This is the photograph of an ancient university of Nalanda in Bihar, India.

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What’s it with Astronomy

Almost all ancient civilizations have developed their own astronomy. It seems as if it was their primary science and understanding the night sky was their goal.

They have developed complex mathematics just to understand the mechanics and motion of moon, sun , planets and stars.

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Startling facts about Sumerian Civilization

Some startling facts about the Sumerians.

  • they were the first to start astronomy- they were star gazers.
  • They knew of the 5 planets visible to naked eye.
  • They formed constellations and zodiac- some of which have not changed till now.


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