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Dental Drill

We go to a dentist regularly for getting some dental work done. The Dental Drill was invented in the Indus valley Civilization.

Teotihuacan – system of pyramids

Pyramids are seen towering at this place in Teotihuacan in Mexico. Teotihuacan is a large site which contains many archaeological finds.



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Nazca Lines and mystery behind them

Nazca lines are lines drawn on the ground which are visible clearly only from the sky. They are quite mysterious and huge drawings.



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Plan to revive the ancient University of Nalanda

Nalanda was a profound center of learning in the ancient India. people from all over the world used to come there for education.

Now, some countries including India are developing a plan to revive the ancient University complex.

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Tigris River in Middle East

300px-Tigris_River_At_Diyarbakir tigris2

These are pics of the Tigris river – part of the Tigris Euphrates river system that provided fertile soil and water to the people of ancient world and even today.

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The Indus River

indus_river_2 indus river

This is the Indus River today that housed the Indus Valley civilization. It starts in Himalayas, descends the mountains and travels across plains of Pakistan to meet Arabian sea.

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Ancient cities of India

India is a special country because it was home to a flourishing civilization called the Indus Valley civilization, or the Harappa civilization . It was on the banks of Indus river.


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Pics Of Easter Island


Such unique structures on the remotest island of the planet are really intriguing.


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Easter Island

The Easter island is the home to several gigantic statues called Moai . These statues have been erected on the lonely Easter Island.

It is still a wonder how these statues could have been made by ancient people with rudimentary tools .

We also don’t know the purpose of these Moai or the statues.

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MAp of the Silk Route / Routes


These are the most commonly agreed upon silk route trade maps. It clearly shows SINAE and Persia ( PERSIS ) .

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