Some more pics of Lothal

lothal2 lothal

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Pics of Lothal : World’s Oldest Dock


These people are sitting beside the world’s most ancient dock in the city of Lothal.

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Ancient Indians and Dock for Ships

Ancient Indians are also credited with the invention of Docks for ships and boats. This was a remarkable achievement by all standards. The world’s oldest dock is in the city of Lothal in the city of Gujarat, India.

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Dental Drill

We go to a dentist regularly for getting some dental work done. The Dental Drill was invented in the Indus valley Civilization.

Inventions that were made by ancient people

People of ancient civilizations were quite innovative and expert. We must critically analyze the remains and objects found there and see how they were made in those times.

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cuzco is the capital of a once mighty Inca empire in South America. This place is in Peru near the Andes mountains. Cuzco contains some marvelous ancient sites.

cuzco Cuzco_051

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Tassili n Ajjer in Algeria ( Sahara )

We all generally think that Sahara desert is inhospitable. It is now, but it wasn’t some milleniums back. The site of Tassili n Ajjer contains some beautiful cave paintings done by ancient men and other archaelogical sites that proove that climate here was once moist.


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Teotihuacan – system of pyramids

Pyramids are seen towering at this place in Teotihuacan in Mexico. Teotihuacan is a large site which contains many archaeological finds.



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Nazca Lines and mystery behind them

Nazca lines are lines drawn on the ground which are visible clearly only from the sky. They are quite mysterious and huge drawings.



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VikramShila is another ancient Indian University

Vikram Shila is a place that holds the ruins of a once mighty university in India. It was recognized far and wide as center of learning , science and technology. vikra vikramshila_10765

It is now in modern day Bihar , India.


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