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VikramShila is another ancient Indian University

Vikram Shila is a place that holds the ruins of a once mighty university in India. It was recognized far and wide as center of learning , science and technology. vikra vikramshila_10765

It is now in modern day Bihar , India.


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Nalanda : an ancient university


This is the photograph of an ancient university of Nalanda in Bihar, India.

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Ancient cities of India

India is a special country because it was home to a flourishing civilization called the Indus Valley civilization, or the Harappa civilization . It was on the banks of Indus river.


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Story About Alexander and Puru

Alexander the Great had conquered Punjab in ancient times.

There was an interesting conversationĀ  that took place between Alexander and Puru-a king in Punjab.

Alexander asked him to take something from him and he chose Steel in place of Gold or Silver.

This shows that ancient Indians had great usage of Steel.

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