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Example of Developed Drainage in Indus Valley

This photograph is an example of developed drainage in Indus Valley civilization.


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Pics of Indus Valley Civilisation

indusvalley2 indusvalley

These is a beautiful pic and a scenary of indus valley civilization.

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Ancient Indians and Dock for Ships

Ancient Indians are also credited with the invention of Docks for ships and boats. This was a remarkable achievement by all standards. The world’s oldest dock is in the city of Lothal in the city of Gujarat, India.

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Sumerians had trade with Indus Valley Civilization

The ancient civilizations were not at all isolated and confined. Seals with writing from the Harappan civilization have been found in the Sumerian region, suggesting a well defined network of trade through land and sea.

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The Indus River

indus_river_2 indus river

This is the Indus River today that housed the Indus Valley civilization. It starts in Himalayas, descends the mountains and travels across plains of Pakistan to meet Arabian sea.

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Ancient cities of India

India is a special country because it was home to a flourishing civilization called the Indus Valley civilization, or the Harappa civilization . It was on the banks of Indus river.


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