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Sumerians had trade with Indus Valley Civilization

The ancient civilizations were not at all isolated and confined. Seals with writing from the Harappan civilization have been found in the Sumerian region, suggesting a well defined network of trade through land and sea.

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Startling facts about Sumerian Civilization

Some startling facts about the Sumerians.

  • they were the first to start astronomy- they were star gazers.
  • They knew of the 5 planets visible to naked eye.
  • They formed constellations and zodiac- some of which have not changed till now.


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Details about Sumerian civilization

The Sumerian civilization was developed with the following activities.

  • A well defined mythology
  • Art and painting
  • Sculpture
  • Construction
  • Trade with other people.
  • Kings,queens etc.
  • Agriculture


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Sumerian Civilization

Sumerian has been regarded as the most ancient of all civilizations. It was between the region of Euphrates and Tigris river, about whom has been written even by the Akkadians.

Sumerian was quite a developed civilization.



Sumerian Civilization

Sumerians were an ancient civilization

  • They were probably at the time of 4000 BC
  • They lived somewhere near the rivers of Euphrates and Tigris , in middle East .


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Where was the Wheel Originated

Although wheel could have been made at any time, clear evdence comes from the Sumerian civilization , Mesopotamia.

There are paintings showing people carrying dead to graveyard on wheel driven carts.


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